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Festina Lente – Make Haste Slowly

We are a small family business based on our passions. The production is limited and made-to-orders.


Rod Cases

All cases are made with the customer specifications: length, diameter, carvings. All cases are buit on strong PVC tubes and lined with soft textile.

Reel Cases

We make the reel cases after customers specifications regarding the reel size.

Fly Boxes

Customizable leather fly boxes. The boxes can be customized inside with foam, tube holders or sheep skin.

The Hybrid Fly box it is a combination of a fly box and a leader wallet

Fly Fishing Bag

This bag was designed with the thought that it can be also used as a street bag. It has a front pocket for a fly box and a pocket on the lid for leaders. Also I’ve attached a D-Ring for landing net or something else and a slot for forceps.

It can be customized in many ways by adding or removing details.

Bag dimensions : 220/170/120 mm.

Hardware. Solid cast bass.

Leader Wallet

Leather leader wallet, excellent for storing your leaders.

Wallet dimensions : 120/105/30 mm.

Amadou, Tippet Holder, Leader Straightener, Dry Fly Patch, Floatant Holder

Hand crafted leather accessories.

Money Wallet

We can develop custom models to suit our customers needs. The most used models are with 1 big banknote pocket, 6 card slots, 2 side pockets or 1 big banknote pocket, 3 card slots and a coin pocket.

Fly Fishing License Holder

Hand crafted leather holder for fishing license and other documents.

Hip Flask

Your best friend in the winter.

Phone Wallet Case

Leather carved phone cover.  Every case is made accordingly with the customer's phone model.

Checkbook Cover

Leather carved checkbook cover.

Carved Belts 

Custom made belts.