Catalina Stanescu

My name is Catalina and i was born in a beautiful land named Dobrogea, on the Black Sea seashore. I have spent some of the happiest moments of my childhood in my father's leathercraft workshop in the smell of leather and glue, watching with curiosity what happened around me. As a child i  was fascinated of the sound made by the sewing machines as if it was a secret code and by the way my father handled the leather cutting knife. It seems that my education at the law school was not for me :)


Remus Stanescu

My name is Remus Stanescu and i was born in a small town from Transylvania located at the confluence of two rivers: Somesul Mare River and Somesul Mic River. In my family the passion for fishing started with my grandmother. She took her three boys fishing without knowing my grandfather; my father was the youngest of them. At that time it was considered a shame to fish because only the poorest, who had nothing to eat, went fishing. So, breaking the social taboo she created a "clan" of fishermen: uncles, cousins, brothers.....mothers. Unfortunatelly, I didn't get to know her because she died shortly after my birth.

What beautiful summers i have spent on Somes Riverside ... with my "clan"

Spinning in the 60s was something that no one understood. Flyfishing in the rivers populated with asp, pike, chub was an incomprehensible concept in the 80s-90s. All of this together were made by my father and his brothers, and by my brother....

My need of making something linked to fishing is equal with the one of those who make rods or flyties.

After years of searching i have found something for me....

My love for fishing is what offer in this business.